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Are you looking for the best possible location for your industrial activity or future logistics platform? The Pays de Langres area offers you a wide range of advantages to set up a successful logistics operation on the Eastern side of the country.

Situated between Troyes and Dijon, next to the motorway intersection connecting the A5, A6 and A31 motorways, the Pays de Langres area forms a natural hub between the Paris Basin, Burgundy, Lorraine, Lyon and the South of France. Midway between the North and South of Europe, this exceptional motorway corridor already attracts 65% of national goods traffic and 40% of traffic between European Union countries. Completely open to East/West flows, the Pays de Langres Economic Activity zone offers investors an unmatched, strategic position opening up new perspectives towards Central and Eastern European Countries.

Plus points to the power of three

Three Parks within the same 360-hectare Activity zone, an innovative concept with a quality label, supported by Europe, the French State and the Champagne-Ardenne region. Strategically positioned on the main communication corridors (Culmont-Chalindrey railway intersection and Langres Sud and Langres Nord motorway exits, these three Parks are based around the city of Langres which offers a sound base for the long-term establishment of a company with the assurance of recruiting stable, qualified staff. Several well-known international companies such as Plastic Omnium, Freudenberg and Magna Donnelly have been located in this attractive area for several years now.

An extensive reserve of land at a very competitive cost (from 5 to 8 euros a sq.m.), 70,000 sq.m. of warehouses tailored to modern logistics requirements, very high-speed access… The potential is all there!

A "dry port" for the Eastern side of the country

Taking advantage of its preferential geographic location near Europe's major ports (equidistant from the major ports of Le Havre, Dunkirk and Antwerp in the North and Fos-Marseille in the South), a new-generation, bimodal rail/road hub will emerge in the next few months in the Pays de Langres Economic Activity zone. This bimodal hub is destined to transform the region's logistics landscape and will offer all the characteristics required for the massification and processing of inland flows and is expected to quickly become one of the leading "dry ports" in the Eastern part of the country.

A quick overview of a few figures:

  • 90% of international exchanges are currently carried out by sea.
  • The containerisation rate is over 50% and still on the increase.
  • The world capacity by January 2007 : 9,150,000 TEUs
  • In three years, the number of ships with over 7,500 TEUs worldwide has been multiplied by four.

In light of this exponential rise in sea traffic, shipping companies are looking to achieve major gains in productivity on less costly links in the chain: handling and overland transportation. Practically the only difference in services proposed to customers are the overland services and, as a result, ports must have a powerful, high-quality service available for the massification of flows into the hinterland. In these new systems, is a strategic role being allotted to rail transport and new inland multimodal platforms?

In the search for multimodal hubs by ports and shipping companies, they must not be scattered willy-nilly across the country. A certain number of geographically well-situated points must be selected, with the best possible means of access by a number of modes. The backing of combined transport operators and relationships formed with national and European port authorities clearly show their interest in the development of a bimodal hub in the Pays de Langres area. The partnerships developed all have the same convergent goal: to make this motorway and rail hub one of the main logistics intersections in the East of France.

A cross-docking point, this consolidation and deconsolidation hub for freight and containers is open-ended. It will be able to satisfy multi-technique requirements and variable volumes and will be particularly appropriate for large import and export markets.

A player responsible for development, promotion and prospecting of these major units, the Syndicat Mixte d'Aménagement Économique du Pays de Langres (SMAEPL – Pays de Langres Joint Economic Development Organisation) places all its skills at the disposal of companies to assist with and facilitate integration until their projects are taken to a successful completion.